Networking & Remote Access
Wireless and wired networking

If you have more than one computer in your home or business you'll want to consider networking. Properly configured, a network allows you to share a high speed internet connection, share files and printers between computers and easily add additonal resource as needed. The process is usually quick, around 15 minutes per machine, and the hardware is relativly inexpensive.

Network router $50 - $80
Wireless network cards $20 - $40 per machine
Wired network cards and cabling $20 - $30 per machine

Highspeed Internet setup

Having your Internet provider install your cable or DSL modem can be expensive, and trying to do it yourself is often very frustrating. The Computer Connextion can handle both the installation itself and any troubleshooting with your providers technical support for around $40. You might also want to consider adding a router at the same time, to share your connection, go wireless, or just increase the security of your new 'always on' service.

VPN and server installation and configuration

Many times, especially for businesses, there is a tremendous advantage to being able to operate your computer from another location. A VPN or virtual private network allows you to do just that. Prices vary depending on how many people need this access and what other services you may require, but a typical group setup starts around $200. You may also need a dedicated computer, or server, to handle additional services. Single computer remote access can be significantly less, starting around $40 with certain limitations. Just call The Computer Connextion for a quick consultation and a free quote.

Email, fax and VOIP

Almost everyone uses e-mail today, but setting up a new account can be difficult, especially if you have more than one address. The Computer Connextion can also assist in fax services, allowing you to send and receive directly from your computer. You may also be able to use a high speed internet connection as a primary or backup telephone service. Call ahead to discuss your specific needs and receive a free quote.